How can I use Cloudflare with Cenmax's Hosting? We provide you with all necessary DDoS protection and CDN which Cloudflare offers for absolutely... How to activate free SSL? All our WordPress hosting and Cloud hosting packages come with an unlimited number of free... How to activate the free CDN provided with hosting? CDN is really helpful in speeding up your website. We provide a free CDN network with our... How to change the PHP Version? Changing PHP versions on our platform is as simple as counting 1..2..3. Follow the steps... How to enable Display Errors derivative in my PHP hosting environment? If your website is showing 500 Internal Server errors, we strongly recommend you to enable... How to log in to SSH protocol? While we provide SSH access for all our WordPress and Cloud Hosting accounts, it is strongly... How to protect your WordPress website from Malwares? While our WordPress hosting and Cloud hosting come with necessary security features in place, we... How to purge CDN Cache? Purging cache is necessary before troubleshooting as the cache itself can be deceptive and might... Should I use WordPress Caching plugins along with the CDN? You don't have to install caching plugins along with our CDN's inbuilt caching system. We take... Staging area isn't working The most common causes of this issue could be: You're trying to visit the staging site before... Why do we lock FTP? Why you should use our FTP lock system? If you're new to the Cenmax's futuristic cloud platform, you might be wondering why do we lock...
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