Setting up custom Nameserver

How to create private name servers?


Follow the below given steps to create the private nameservers


1> Creating Child nameservers


  • Go to domain control panel
  • Click on Products
  • Select the domain to which you wish to create private nameservers
  • Click on the domain


  • Click on child name servers

Check your account for welcome email from us where you will find IPs of servers nameservers.

Create two child nameservers as ns1 and ns2 with the IPs provided in your welcome email.



Do not forget to save these settings


Now you have setup following nameservers for


Now click on NAMESERVERS

Remove any existing nameservers in the fields and put in your newly created nameservers


2> Adding A record in the cpanel:


Login to the cpanel of

Click on Simple DNS Editor

In A record field create ns1 and ns2 with the IPs as used while creating child nameservers:



3>For windows Hosting use the DNS Zone feature available in Plesk / Website Panel to create ns1 and ns2 with your server ip



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