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Cenmax's Servers Usully comes with a cPanel in Default but those who have opted to have server without cPanel, They would Definately need other CPs in the server. So, this would be helpful for those peoples

Vesta CP, a Russian-made free hosting control panel with a bunch of awesomeness. Lets say with zPanel you’ll get necessary software set up including Apache, PHP5, MYSQL, PHPMyAdmin, FTP, Mail server and DNS. Vesta CP comes with whole new awesomeness, it has almost all zPanel features plus Nginx and Varnish Cache out of the box.

About VestaCP :
Vesta is an open source hosting control panel currently supports both RHEL flavoured Linux releases (Red Hat, CentOS) and Ubuntu LTS 12.04 and Ubuntu 13.04. It comes with all necessary software to run and manage your websites hosted on your VPS, including:

– Web Server (Apache with Nginx as Reverse Proxy)
– DNS server
– Database Server
– Mail Server
– FTP Server
– Nginx out of the box
– SSL certificates & SNI
– Wildcard support
– Configuration Templates
– DKIM support
– Fast Backups
– System Monitoring
– AntiSpam / Antivirus
– WHMCS billing support
– EPEL integration
– Simple and Clean GUI
– Powerfull CLI
– Reliable Platform
– Open Data Format

How to Install VestCP :
Vesta CP works on RedHat, CentOS and Ubuntu but in today’s guide I will show you how to get it installed on CentOS 6.5. Here’s my inventory:

For illustrating Purposes our team has a VPS hosted in our Datacenter and is ready, lets start installing VestaCP.

Step 1 – First, login to your server’s shell via SSH as root, as always, for this task I use putty.


Step 2 – Next, download VestaCP installation script using curl command:

curl -O


Step 3 – Next, issue this magic command to start installing VestaCP:



install vesta cp

Step 4 – The installer asks to confirm disabling SELinux and start the install process. Type Y and hit Enter.

Step 5 – The installer also asks to enter valid email address. So type your valid email address and double-check it to make sure your email is correct because VestaCP will also send your admin password there.

install vestacp

Step 6 – Once you hit Enter on your keyboard, the installer starts. Sit tight and wait for the installerto process and finish its job.

Step 7 – As long as you found no fatal error, the installer should finish quicker and you will see something like this on your screen:


You can also check your mailbox just to ensure the password is delivered and mail server (Exim) works properly on your server.


Step 8 – Now open up your favorite browser and login to VestaCP web-based UI using your VPS IP at port 8083.

Login as admin and use given password,

As you may also aware that the link is https:// which means via secure connection (SSL) so you may have to add / confirm exception on your browser.

vestacp login

Voila! You should now see the main UI of Vesta hosting control panel.

vesta cp main ui

*click on image to view larger size.

Congratulation! You now have Vesta CP installed and a ready-to-use VPS to host all your websites.

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